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MLG working under sub contract to SISK Rail have successfully completed 2 schemes in my area .

Parson Street Station  – This involved steelwork preparation / minor repairs plus painting and was completed within budget and agreed timescales , despite limited possession access.

Taunton Station – This scheme involved the renewal of a life expired lattice girder upright and associated ground works again within agreed timescales and budgets.

On both schemes I have found both the Management and the Site Teams to be highly pro active ensuring that schemes are delivered safely , within budget and to a very high standard. Mindful that most of our work is within the  station limits MLG have always provided a high level of professionalism and excellent levels of communication with the Train Operating Company Staff. At Taunton Station, the Station Manager commented to me on several occasions on how welll the MLG Site Team had kept her informed of progress and the quality of the site set and work completed. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending MLG to other interested parties.

Steve Beggs, Network Rail